Download Vocabulate

Vocabulate is a Windows-only application at the moment, and it requires that you install version Microsoft .NET 4.6.2 installed. This can be downloaded from the official Microsoft webpage, located here:

To download the latest version (Version 0.91), choose your preferred version:

Installer for Windows — (download)

Portable Version (non-installer version) — (download)

Source code (link)

How to Install

If you have downloaded the Installer version of the software, double-click the installer file and follow set-up instructions. Installation should take less than a minute on modern computers. If you have downloaded the “Portable” version of the software, no installation is necessary — you simply need to extract the .zip file to your preferred location.

How to Run Software

If you have downloaded the “Portable” version of the software, simply double-click “Vocabulate.exe” after extracting it from the .zip file. If you have already installed the software from the “Installer” version, simply double-click the shortcut placed on your desktop or, alternatively, single-click the “Vocabulate” icon in your computer’s start menu.